In realms of healing, where the heart finds peace,

A SoulSage guides, with wisdom and release,

Hypnotherapy's gentle, soothing embrace,

Unfolding wings of change, a sacred space.

Let go of limits, beliefs that bind,

With Ilona's aid, new horizons find,

Self-acceptance blooms, a blossom rare,

In the tender care of hearts that care.

A caterpillar's journey, so profound,

Transforming soul, as love's wings surround,

Into a butterfly, it shall arise,

Through self-work, soaring to the skies.

With every step, a path to self-love,

Ilona's presence, a beacon above,

In open arms, a haven true,

She'll hold your hand, guiding you.

Towards self-realization's light,

Through trials and shadows of the night,

Her love, a compass, through the haze,

Illuminates the darkest maze.

So trust the process, allow to unfold,

As SoulSage whispers, ages old,

With healing hearts and spirits high,

You'll spread your wings, ready to fly.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

EFT Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner